Interventional Pain Management

There is an intense level of public interest, research, and increasing recognition of pain as a primary problem in and of itself. Historically taught as an important symptom of disease, a new realization in the medical community now identifies pain as the only real problem for many patients. Pain often is the disease process, rather than a mere symptom of an ongoing disease process. Within this area, interventional pain management is the discipline of using minimally invasive techniques to diagnose and treat pain.

Interventional Pain Management is the use of state of the art techniques for the treatment of painful conditions. These are precise injection techniques which minimize patient discomfort while avoiding many surgical and anesthetic risks and expenses. Our approach maximizes efficiency and improves outcomes while also providing valuable diagnostic information.

The goal of interventional pain treatment is to reduce or eliminate pain with the least invasive techniques available.  Our treatments are aimed at reducing the need for highly invasive surgical procedures with long recovery times. Most of our techniques have an equal or better success rate compared with surgery and have little recovery time.